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Office Moving

Office Moving Services

Whether you run a 3-person office in the private sector or you are an employee in a multi-national public corporation,  Absolute Movers Kenya are the office movers for you. With the expertise and resources required to implement the most cost-effective removal service in Nairobi, we ensures business continuity for your staff and your business.

We have extensive experience in office moving services, as-well health and educational authorities and understand that large or small business removals each come with their own unique set of challenges.

We will work closely with you to understand your business and to evaluate the scope of your office relocation project, identifying the resources required and appropriate timescales.

Our extensive resources are flexible enough to handle office relocation projects of any size, from small one-off moves to complex specialist projects. We will work weekends to ensure your operation is up and running before the start of business on a Monday morning.

We provide effective and reliable safe and secure moving solutions, office movers & furniture movers Auckland to our customers ensuring safety and care to the items.

And you don’t have to bother about packing materials. We can arrange everything for you. all sizes of boxes and All our trucks are fully equipped with advanced packing materials and the equipment required for loading.

All you need to do is, just Book your move with us. Our consultant will visit you, Take your inputs and arrange the move at your convenience.

Guide to Successful Office Moving 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the need to relocate an office full of workstations and employees, you’re not alone. From getting your team members organized, to deciding what furniture goes where, to making sure you don’t fall behind on projects, the process of moving office buildings is always daunting.

Besides the logistics of relocating, there are operational challenges to consider. How will you keep the workflow moving while everyone is trying to get settled in the new space? Which team members will you put in charge of packing and unpacking shared spaces?

We’ve been there, so we put together a comprehensive office moving checklist, so you can worry less about which box goes where, and focus on what’s important: managing your business.

office moving company in Nairobi Kenya

1. Create an Office Moving Checklist

If you’re a small- or medium-sized company, we recommend planning office move checklists six months in advance to give plenty of time to get organized. However, a large-scale corporate office move checklist can take years to plan out and execute. Ultimately, you should start creating a business moving checklist as soon as the relocation is signed and sealed.

Here’s what to start thinking about first:

  • Determine your complete new office move checklist. Hold a meeting with team leaders and managers to make sure you include important steps from each department.

  • Designate someone to be the “moving coordinator” who will oversee the entire corporate relocation operation.

  • Work with the moving coordinator to create teams that will be responsible for the different moving tasks you’ve identified.

  • Work with the moving coordinator to put a deadline on every task, but be realistic about expectations. Planning extra time to accommodate unexpected delays and changes is important for staying on schedule.

Your designated moving coordinator will need to oversee all the details and completion of your building relocation checklist, so you’ll want someone who is skilled at planning and organizing. You also want someone who represents your company well in the community, and excels at making intuitive, split-second decisions as challenges arise.

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