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Movers in Nairobi Prices
February 9, 2021

Movers in Nairobi Prices

Movers In Nairobi Prices. How Much Moving Companies in Nairobi Charge 

The cost moving will vary depending on a number of factors; distance involved, the size of items you are moving, where you are located and the movers in Nairobi you decide to choose to help you with the relocation process.

If you are moving within Nairobi County, movers in Nairobi prices will be between Ksh. 10, 000 to Ksh. 50, 000 for house moves and from Ksh. 12, 000 for office moves depending on the above stated factors.

Here is the breakdown of how moving companies arrive at the cost they charge you during a move:

1. Distance involved.

Let us say you live in a one bedroom house in Kilimani Westlands Nairobi, and you are moving to Syokimau still to live in another 1 another one bedroom house. The approximate distance between the two areas is 22KM – 30KM depending on the exact locations. Most moving companies will charge from Ksh. 13, 000 – Ksh. 18, 000. The bigger the distance to the destination the more you will pay because longer distances will consume more fuel.

2. Size of the Move.

What is the size of your house or office? A bigger house or office means a bigger truck will be required, more labour will be involved in the move and higher risks as well. Also if you are moving from 1 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom house, you are likely to pay more than a person moving from one bedroom to another one bedroom house. The assumption is that if you are moving to a bigger house it means you have acquired more assets that can fit into the bigger house you are moving into. Therefore you will be charged based on the size of your destination house.

3. Nature of the move.

The logistics involved in moving an office are very different from house moving. Most movers will request for a pre-visit before quoting for an office move, unlike a house moving where they can give you a quotation based on the size of your house. But if a house is bigger than three bedrooms, they are more likely to request for a survey as well. Office movers tend to be more costly than residential moves.

4. Your location in the building.

If you live on 3rd floor and you are relocating to 7th floor and both buildings do not have a lift, most movers in Nairobi prices will factor this in. You are likely to pay more in buildings without lifts and when relocating to higher floors than when you are moving say from 1st floor to 2nd floor.

5. Additional services.

This another factor that will determine movers in Nairobi prices. Addition services including such things as TV Mounting services, DSTV installation, plumbing, electrician, chandelier hanging etc. You will be charged less obviously as compared to someone who is solely seeking these services. For example in the case of TV mounting and DSTV installation you may have to part with an extra Ksh. 1500 or more depending on the size of your TV. The best thing to do is to always disclose this information to your moving company in order to avoid extra charges later on.


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Is It Worth Paying For Movers In Nairobi?

Now that you have known how movers in Nairobi prices are determined, the next question will be, do you really need a moving company to help you with relocation? Or should you just hire “ASK FOR TRANSPORT” pick up and ask friends and family to help you move?

Here are some of the good reasons why you should hire a moving company in Nairobi to handle your move:

1. Saves you time.

Most professional moving companies in Nairobi will do all the work. Since the team is trained, the time involved is way much less as compared to when you do it yourself. Like at Absolute Movers Kenya, we provide packing materials i.e boxes and wrappers, we do all the packing, load to the truck, transport your belongings to final destination, offload from the truck and assembly your furniture as well as fully arrange the house. Depending on the size of the house, if you allow our team to come in by 8:00 AM in the morning, by noon you should be preparing lunch in your new house. Everything in order as if you never moved. We also cater for those are may not be present during the move day. Our company takes full responsibility and we value our clients. It’s because of trust that we still in this very competitive business. Most of our clients will always use us again and again. Therefore you can leave us with your instructions and will shall move all your belongings to your destination without you having to be there. You can focus on your own business and let us do your as our own.

2. Saves you money.

The fact that you are saving time means you have save money. As the old saying goes, “time is money”. In addition, you expensive fridge, TV and cooker and other valuable assets are well handled and safely delivered to your final destination. When you hire a moving company in Nairobi, you have greatly reduced the chances of damage and accidents. Though such occur sometimes, with a moving company you can be sure that whatever it is will be repaired or replaced depending on the value.

3. Peace of mind.

Moving has been classified as one of the most stressful activities we engage in as human beings. Doing the packing of all items in the house, disconnecting electronics, disassembling of beds, carrying the furniture, arranging the new house and the list goes on. No doing heavy lifting. Why hurt your muscles? But why have the stress when there is help. Enjoy your peace of mind with a stress free move when you hire movers in Nairobi Kenya to help you relocate.

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